It's a clean healthy lifestyle...

The world is undeniably changing, warming, becoming smaller by the use of technology and it is our responsibility as it's caretakers to do our part for the next generations. G Design will do the foot work on your products so that you know you are supporting companies that share these values in their operations.

Bar Specific;

NO single use plastic!!!!!

At all possible times no single use plastic behind the bar! Using paper or metal straws is the first step, reusing bottles for syrups and only non-plastic bio degradable to go cups and boxes is an absolute must!  Taking it a step further by researching companies that also have similar values is really important.  Designing recycling centers at your business and recycling the paper, glass and anything else helps create sustainable habits both at work and at home.  Buying from vendors that are local and sustainable also is the way to go!

Reduce and reuse

Reducing what we use in the restaurant world is important! Refurbishing and reusing old equipment and building supplies can be great design elements and also help keep things out of land fills! 





Design Specific;

NO V.O.C.'s

At all possible times no chemical paints and stains are used.


ReUse Hawaii & Other Reclaim

When ever possble materials are reused from demolitions or purchased through Reuse Hawaii, the only reuse demolition source in Oahu. Including tile, wood, stone and glass.


Responsible Material Sources & Procedures

When choosing materials, the shipping distance and manafacturing procedures will be researched and sourced to other responsible companies.


Local Sourcing

As much local sustainably and responsibly harvested stone, wood and craftmanship as possible, will be sourced here in Hawaii.

Alternative Energy

At G Design we include options when avalible for alternitive power sources, natural ventalation current systems, gray water or dry landscape system as well as solar.






Lover's Arch


Oil on Canvas

Gabrielle Maser