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Bar & Hospitality

With over twenty years in hospitaity learning about space planning and working in close quarters where every single inch counts, I learned that a bar is a kitchen, it has it's own flow of space. So does the entire back of house to front of house and back.


Only once you have lived this dance many times can you really see how to organise the space so the fewest extra steps are needed. How close is the ice, how many times does the bartender have to turn away from his guest? These are questions that need to be anticipate and compensated for in the design of a well executed restaurant. Proper design can be the difference between a ventures success or failure.

The GIbson Residence

First Floor Rendered Floor Plan



When designing a home many things must be considered, the owners personal needs as well as taking in to consideration the foot print of the home.  What can be done so that the owner has a healthy home that they love as well as provides them with every function and convience nessecary.


It is our pleasure at G Design to help create your ideal living space.




Design can mean many things, for example, in this case a study and concept was designed to provide the customer with visuals to show their investors where they wanted to take an older gym and turn it in to a state-of-the-art fitness center.


Retail spaces, health care and office spaces can additionally be designed according to G Designs concepts. Reduce.Reuse.Recycle 

Theater & Event Design



Designing stage sets such as the Passion of the Christ, throwing theme parties such as Tiare Thopson’s Breakfast at Tiffany's website release party, corporate events & parties, trade show booths and layouts or helping design and coordinate weddings are some of the most exciting aspects of design.


G Design has had the pleasure of being part of many amazing events and looks forward to helping you design and plan yours!

The Passion of the Christ

Paliku Theater March 26-29, 2014

Main Set